A Bento Deer is an animal in Survival 303.


A Bento Deer looks just like a deer. Its light brown and has green toes.

Habitat and Population

Bento Deers are exclusively found on Bento Island and Tundra. There are three Bento Deer on the islands that they are native to at a time. If one is killed, another will spawn a couple seconds later. They tend to drown in the lake on Bento island.


Bento Deer mostly wander around, occasionally getting stuck and knocking things over as they stroll along like other animals. However, when attacked, bento deer will respond by running away from the attacker in order to escape. They do not fight back-- unlike rockma, bento bucks, cave lynx, roosters, and teraphyx. Like all other animals, they will drown and die eventually when they are pushed into the ocean.

Hunting Strategies

Bento Deer will run when you hit them. It's best to chase them into the water to drown them.


If killed, the Bento Deer's torso becomes bright red. It stays after the animal respawns, and can be foraged. The torso is now called "raw bento meat". If eaten now, you will gain 10 hunger and lose 10 health. Cooking it prevents the loss of health. When cooked, it turns a nougat-like color and you may eat it without losing health. But if you keep it on a fire or stove too long, it will turn black and burn. Eating this burnt Bento meat will make you gain 10 hunger points and lose 25 health points. You may also spice the Raw Bento Meat with some Herbs found at Flax island and Mainland, making Spiced Raw Bento Meat. Cooking it gives more hunger points and therefore making it more valuable, but one must have a cooking skill level of 2 to spice up the bento. It only restores 9 more hunger points, however, and in the time it would take to gather the resources and prepare the bento, you could easily just kill another bento. This makes it useful only for trading at a post-mithril stage, for those who want to live in luxury.


Name Crafting
Cooked Bento Meat "Cook" Raw Bento Meat
Spiced Raw Bento Meat Raw Bento Meat + Herb (x2)

Extra Information


Health: 100

Extra Information


This animal is unique to two islands. When you are bartering its meat, look for people with herbs. They will have a greater reason to have it than most (as others just want to eat it), because they can spice the meat for a culinary delight, great for re-trading to powerful tribe. These people (typically) have higher demand.