Bento Island is an island in Survival 303.


Bento Island is a grassy island and is one of four spawn points in the game. It is right in the center. It is loosely shaped like a long rectangle and in the center is a large pond. The deer will drop meat when killed, while the bucks will drop a hide, which can be made into leather.

Survival Tips

Most servers disapprove of settling permanently on Bento Island, since it is one of the spawn point islands and thus should be a safe place unclaimed by tribes. However, if a tribe is willing to deal with spawn points and doesn't mind the lack of ores or natural fortifications, Bento is otherwise a decent island to settle on. There's enough food and water without making wells or farms, and fishing is easy to do as well. The flat plains allow for quite a bit of building, and there's enough wood and stone to make plenty of tools and structures. Deer and bucks can be hunted quite easily, and their products can be traded with other tribes in order to gain ores and other resources not found here.

Pros and Cons


  • Plenty of food and water
  • Plenty of wood and stone
  • Leather and venison are good for trading
  • The mandatory item for armor creation
  • Close to other islands


  • Spawn point
  • Visited often
  • Central location
  • No natural fortifications
  • No ores to advance technology