• NoBanana

    Rankup Examples

    July 24, 2018 by NoBanana

    Since it's difficult to explain in words what kind of build gets you any given rank, I've taken the time to explain it in pictures.

    "Showing at least basic if not greater competence at the game (while not enough for a better rank)."
    Copper Survivor is the newest rank, and only a handful of people have it at the time of writing.

    I couldn't find any images of platinum builds :(

    Builds that've earnt platinum in the past have been Qoazi's teleportation hub - using 14 lighthouses and the old lighthouse teleporter to create a hub on bento which you could teleport to any island in the game from.
    Dio also built a church despite heavy bombing after several attempts, and earnt platinum for the incredible structure and perseverance.

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  • Lambsbridge

    My bet is a week.

    come on, let's make OG chat great again!

    -- trialtest

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  • Ozaty

    I like to call it “River Island”. It has field lynxes as animals, has clay at the base of the river/mountain, has a river running down the mini mountain and through the island (multiple sections of water blocks that have 20 portions each), and has iron and coal at the top of the mountain. I think this is a new island or an updated spring island. Its located to the right of bento island if youre staring at mainland.

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  • AlexiaPotter


    December 30, 2016 by AlexiaPotter

    I like the concept of the new map. However...

    First off, it's just SO laggy. I really hope that'll get fixed soon. Also, what the **** is vitality? I assumed that it replaced health from the old map, but it goes down randomly and nothing I do brings it back up. Furthermore, I don't know what you guys did to prevent seating people into the ground on the old map, but it'd be great if you did it on this map as well. I'm tired of people seating me into the ground...


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  • AlexiaPotter

    Are you serious?

    First off, to the administrators and creators/editors of S303:



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  • Narcoblix


    September 23, 2016 by Narcoblix

    And you all thought I died

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  • Annacaza

    Wiki To-Do

    August 21, 2016 by Annacaza

    For v2 FE, there are a lot of new pages to create, update, and archive. This is not a one-person job, so I need as much help as I can get.

    Remember that posting new recipes is not allowed. I'm still trying to figure out what day I'll allow recipes to be released; the earliest will probably be September 2nd.

    The update is explained in-depth here and here.

    • The recipe page has been locked until further notice. This is mostly because I don't trust you guys to try and add recipes before then, and I rather not ban people.
    • Some infoboxes have now changed, and templates have been created.
    Using the new templates is very simple. Instead of copying the old inbox code (Row 1 title = | Row 1 info, etc), it is now streamlined. Now, the information in the bo…

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  • Goliathice

    Note/ I am not sure that anyone has made something like this before. Note me if someone has.

    Earlier today, I was trying to make a base on a base on a boat. However, I noticed that when I planted berries on composts, they will not stick to the compost, but rather travel outisde of them. (This is porbably why you can not move composts while a berry is in them). Once they sprout, they will still move with the vehicle, but will be in midair. (At least with my module). 

    This gave me the idea of burning a wooden base. So, I set the berry stumps on fire, and they still stuck onto where they were. (Until one part disentgrated completley). I was able to set some buildings on fire, and even make a video of me in the process doing it. 

    This is just a p…

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  • Carson3003

    So I fourm on Off Topic (Don't go there unless you want to cringe severly) and recently someone made a private server for OT to play on. Since I play survival 303 pretty much more than anyone on OT, I easily dominated the server, and was able to play with many other people in a hacker free server. I decided since there was very little chance of a hacker, I would finally make my silver attempt for the fan club. It was supposed to be a sacrificial shrine to the admins of survival 303. Tell me what you think about it.

    Here are the pictures (Taken before I finished off the detailing of the king st…

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  • Potateyo

    The Great Wall

    May 4, 2016 by Potateyo

    A blog documenting my attempts to recreate the great wall of china in S303.

    Gathered materials for 32 quarries. Made berry pies & levelled crafting to get sickles. Ready to get started when game shut down due to ROBLOX maintenance.

    Made 10 quarries and travelled to main, worked on for around 2 hours until I had to go. Was 20% complete, with around 600 stone walls being used.

    Most complete run so far. Made 20 quarries and built the wall until someone came and pledged to my service. He left around 30 minutes later, but was able to accelerate building speed. Starved and lost connection. Phase 1 was almost complete, with around 1200 stone walls being used.

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  • Crykov

    back for a short time

    May 2, 2016 by Crykov

    yeperoni. however for some reason i am having many issues connecting to the game right now. something about the version or my firewall blocking something.

    the server was just starting to come back to life too fml

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  • Cooldonuthead1212

    Hello, I'm Cooldonuthead1212 and I have been playing survival 303 for 4 years and I have learned many things on my journey into this game. I want this blog to help people exceed in surviving and to learn the wonders of this game. Now, I'm going to stop sounding really boring and going to get to it.

    1: Never ever have wooden buildings in your base besides Mills and Lumbermills because, by adding wooden huts and mud huts, they kind of look dull (my opinion) and that affects how people will want to join you.

    2: Give people jobs and be there for your team mates.Example: Provide for them, cook for them, and help them.

    3:Set up a transportation Route.

    If you think of it, by having ships and harbors,its going to be way easier than building a raft ove…

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  • Blargety


    This is a basic outline on what you do to rank-up. We do not require specific things to rank up because we want to see the creativity of the players. Ranks do not serve any purpose than to show your skills at the game. Proof of the build must be submitted in high enough quality to deliver your point. Twitter is ROBLOX standard, but any reputable image hosting website works if you are not censored.


    Advanced expertise of the game, SURPASSING the basic user who can build castles.

    Some of the finest, you have to be quite creative and build something imposing enough to leave an impression on the administrators.

    The cream of the crop, the best of the best. There is no real guideline to become a platinum survivor, only that you have to create …

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  • LegitMuch

    Survival 303 for Dummies

    February 7, 2016 by LegitMuch

    Hi! I'm LegitMuch and I've played Survival 303 for 2 years and still loving it.

    I see alot of many survivors/tribes not plan effiecently, which leads to either:

    -Starvation (Very small farms, cared only for one objective besides this)

    -Weak metals (No protection, armour, advanced architecture)

    -Weak bases (No walls, few buildings)

    These major problems for survivors/tribes can give raiders a good shot at attacking your base. Not good right?

    Well, I'm bored so I'm making this blog on tips on how to be a very efficient survivor in the islands of Survival 303.

    1- Starting well is the foundation on surviving for a really long time, so finding small stones to make cut stones for tools would come in handy. If you spawn either at Rockma or an island with…

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  • Potateyo

    The floor is ... somewhere

    February 6, 2016 by Potateyo

    A few weeks ago, I had about an hour, so I decided to place people in some unfortunate person's base for amusement. As soon as I entered the server, I noticed something very wrong.

    There were no terrain bricks anywhere, and the natural resources were floating in midair. As soon as I had spawned, I fell into the void, killing me.

    Luckily, there were 2 other people already living in the world, and they enlightened me on the situation.

    Firstly, an exploiter came a while ago and deleted EVERY terrain brick, including the sea, the baseplate, and even the dark areas. However, he did not delete the scripts for the regeneration of natural resources, so trees, ores, etc will still respawn. And since natural resources are anchored when they are regener…

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  • Annacaza

    Building Challenges

    February 1, 2016 by Annacaza

    Because why not.

    Divided into 3 sections; villages, castles, and skill-themed. Will probably add more as ideas come to mind. If you want to share your creations, upload it to imgur/another reputable image hosting site and I'll link it here.

    Villages (No surrounding walls)

    • Create a village using only mud buildings (well, hut, longhouse)
    • Create a village using only wooden buildings (mill, lumbermill, hut, longhouse, etc)
    • Create a village using only sandstone buildings (well, hut, hall)
    • Create a village using only stone buildings (well, hut, longhouse, hall, stove, etc)
    • Create a village in an unorthodox area; an area where you wouldn't normally expect to see one

    Castles (Has walls)

    • Create a castle using only palisade walls and wooden buildings
    • Create a…

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  • DarkestCorner


    • 1
    • 2

    Posting IP's which classifies under personal information..

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  • NoBanana

    Speedrun Log

    January 30, 2016 by NoBanana

    I decided to make this for me to log my speed-runs. Feel free to ask questions about my method (I'm not competitive enough to have secret plans) and try to beat me. If you manage (or try), tell me and I'll add your time to my leaderboard.

    Following the rules outlined on this thread, get poison as soon as possible.

    Best Runs:

    1. 12:25 - NoBanana
    2. 12:34 - NoBanana
    3. 14:26 - NoBanana
    4. 14:33 - NoBanana
    5. 16:18 - NoBanana

    Personal Bests:

    1. 12:25 - NoBanana
    2. 17:33 - Potateyo
    3. ~20:00 - Nooblox

    First Speedrun. Few details. Used herbal run documented in poison guide. Performed January 2014
    Time: ~16:30

    Used herbal run documented in poison guide. Fell off plateau twice, got confused on canyon. Used CCT. Performed 31st January 2016.
    Time: 14:33

    Began herbal run, killed by territor…

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  • DarkestCorner

    Robin Hood of 303

    January 30, 2016 by DarkestCorner

    I will soon be writing a story about my adventures in Survival 303!! It shall be called "The Robin Hood of 303"

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  • Duhduhduhduh

    So, I Had This Dream...

    December 22, 2015 by Duhduhduhduh

    So I recently had a dream, it took place in the New Map. Anyways, I stumbled upon a meshed tree with blue squares on it that was about the size of Flax Flowers, but flatter. I foraged the blue squares, but they ended up to be Pirate Keys. It started to storm. I tried to take shelter from a diferent meshed tree, which had yellow circular things as food, but the rain still went through. A popup told me that the yellow things would make me see in the dark or something like that. I ate it, it had one portion, then went down to an Under Water Maze type area, which had some sort of pizza, some sort of pie, and animals not from the game. I woke up, or moved on to a different dream, sadly...

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  • Penguinkangaroo

    Oh, Dear.

    December 20, 2015 by Penguinkangaroo

    I have recently returned with a greater intelligence and thrice as insane (implying that insanity could be measured in any form of a human concept that man could ever comprehend).  I stand to babble and prattle of very little other than my arrival and greater dedication to intelligence, knowledge, existance, grammatical perfection, applicable vocabulary implementation, and use of chronomanipulation.  I how found in my recent reviewing of my previous writings, that I was far more basic and quite a bit more lacking in the department of proper grammar.  Should there be nothing else to say, I bid you, "Farewell"!

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  • Duhduhduhduh

    The Steel dude

    December 14, 2015 by Duhduhduhduh

    This is a short story about two people with Steel. So, anyway, one guy with steel everything came to Stonewall and he hitted me with a Steel Sword and I lost half of my health without armor. I then ran away, and I saw him take out his Crossbow, so I zig-zagged and the server crashed. All because I was trying to collect Sandstone...

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  • Survivor Thommys

    Ahoy! To starboard! My Shipwright Vol.1

    Rig Identity Speed
    Raft 20
    Large Raft 15
    Sailboat 30
    Large Sailboat 35
    Catamaran 40
    Merchant Frigate 20
    War Sloop 36

    Shipwrights are a dirty and hardworking breed in the S303 world. From the lowly Bento raft-makers to the Mainland Warsloop Builders their work can be found anywhere. Essential for Inter-Island sea travel and work much better than swimming.

    A Shipwright's work can be found anywhere and includes the staple-boat, The Raft in its sphere. Today I'm going to give a guide on how to craft two types of rafts and their importance


    Rafts are the first boat you'll learn to wright amongst the armada you'll craft. They require level one ship-building and level two carpentry. They are the simplest and work at four…

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  • NaClBot

    Purple Shards - Not Again!

    November 5, 2015 by NaClBot


    "I'm tired of this. Every time there's a great story that I love reading, the author just abandons it," said Annacaza, stabbing her hair with her solid 24 carat gold hair brush that was probably worth more than what half the people in Mainlandia could make in ten years.

    "There are more pressing problems than this, your Highness. The peasant rebellions have been growing worse. The elites are planning to overthrow you. I have also heard whispers of a cult who kidnaps our citizens and crucifies them in the name of Davidii," replied Chiefwaffles.

    "But it had robots taking over the Mithril Kingdom and a person suspiciously like me being kidnapped by a wizard even though magic doesn't exist. It was enlightening."

    "Please excuse me. I, uh…

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  • Lalahehe13

    A long overdue apology

    October 26, 2015 by Lalahehe13

    Many of you won't recognize me or anything about me as the last time I was really active was 2 years ago when I was really active, those times are what this is about. 2 years ago I was a little 11 year old who thought he was cool playing roblox and posting and commenting stuff on this wiki, the first person I saw here and probably the person I annoyed the most was kincaid3 and honestly he/she hated me. So to all of you guys who are still on from then I apologize.

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  • MitztheKat

    ah, i've been waiting for this. to find a way to get rid of poor ol' me being constantly slain by mith abusers. don't worry, i know exactly how to use it (without upsetting too many new guys to get a bad rep). (my apologies if i mess up my spelling/puncuation. microsoft word usually does it fur me. (fur was not a mistake tho. i partially speak cat))

    (i am also very open to suggestions, so please comment away!)

    yes, this doesn't work fur everyone, but being a merchant with really strong items means you will SURVIVE! (attacks) and you can sell high level gear! also, you might be able to start an economy! yeah, i don't got much for this.

    yes, this MAY sound like a waste of resources to some, but it's not! you can either give the opponent some of…

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  • Stealthbomber16

    Hey everyone! This is the ancient guy who made a roleplay then abandoned it and then made a deleted page.


    Anyway, I recently introduced a friend of mine to s303. He won't visit the wiki for some weird reason so here is a quick summary of his adventures today.

    I (spideematt) spawned on paradise and there was a BUNCH of crap on the floor. Iron ore, wood, leaves, stone, mud, all kinds of crap. So I made my usual starting tools and looted all the iron for later.

    I made us some leather armor and long bows. Then I got shot in the face to deadness. Screw you man.

    We reformed a tribe on Bento island in which I made a spear for him. He then went on a killing spree. fml.

    In one amazing moment a guy shows up and asks us if we have anything valuable.…

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  • Leikos


    October 2, 2015 by Leikos

    No god please no, no. NOOOOOOOO

    In all seriousness. This saving thing is so annoying and repetitive, seriously, theres technically already skill saving in the game, if you leave and join the game within 10 minutes, your skills will come back, however i'm unsure if your tools and items will.

    Plus, the not saving part of the game just adds to the challenge of 303. This game used to be all noobs. I was a noob once and asked for saving until i realised david would never add it.

    I'm still slightly noobish, but i know what i'm doing in the game unlike my old self when i was wandering aimlessly around the map asking for mithril.

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  • Penguinguy333


    September 28, 2015 by Penguinguy333

    I found haxor

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  • XxepicrobloxianxX

    a big hacker

    September 28, 2015 by XxepicrobloxianxX

    Globalexplotier got building tools and delete and copy and drag things so kick him from the game

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  • Leikos


    September 27, 2015 by Leikos

    Somehow i managed to get to level 38 fishing using just a net o-o

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  • Skylinerichardd

    Survival Tips

    September 26, 2015 by Skylinerichardd

    So I have been seeing some people put some survival tips on a blog. I guess why not break the rules of common sense too? 

      Friendly Approach:

    98% of the time I do this. At the start of the game, immediately start farming, and cooking food. Do not get in hot water with the community and always offer food. 

    (If they ask if it's poisoned, take a bite of the food you're offering)

    Along with the Friendly Approach, I usually make a Sandstone Hut on Bento Island with a Private Door. I would store incredible amounts of rare fish(and apparently I found out it's impossible to get the Bugshark, throws computer out the window)

    They would be stacked on shelves inside the hut, and I made a business :3

     Anonymous Approach:(not recommended)

    I don't use this app…

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  • Yoke6

    tips for survival

    September 21, 2015 by Yoke6

    hi all

    for surviving you need to go to a rare spring island / desret island / magma island.

    step 1. get 6 small leaves. 7 large leaves / 9 small stones / 10 small tree stump.

    step 2.make 3 small leaves prosses them then make compost get berry and click on small compost + berry then prosses them then planted.

    step 3.small stone + small stone then make cut stone.

    step 4.get small tree stump craft it make handle.

    step 5 craft handle with cut stone then make pickaxe.

    step 5 build mill for bread / to get it need wall +wall +large leaves / wall = small tree stump +small tree stump.

    step 6 build hut like mill.

    step 7 get iron from rockma easliy and to get it click on iron.

    step 8 build forage 2 stone wall / 2 refinded iron / thacting.stone wall …

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  • XxepicrobloxianxX

    This is my story

    I spawned at terphax island I planed to surivre on desert but I didnt at because there were no water source there so I live for awhile on spring away from the noobs who kill me always so i started with bucket oh i forgot follow these steps for surviring a long time:

    1- take 4 small leaves and a small bush stump if you dont know how to make hemp its 2 small leaves craft item

    2- make with them rope make 2 ropes then check your crafting skill it must be 25 precent  level 2

    3- then make bucket to get carpentry 3 by making 4 or 6 walls make hut and mill or 2 ladder if you dont want make 6 walls

    4-then you dont need make grany take 4 pile of dirt make them mud and 2 large pile of mud make mud walls for mud well

    5- you will see that is…

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  • Penguinguy333

    I found a tp exploit :3

    September 15, 2015 by Penguinguy333

    All you have to do is get a seat, I used sandstone, not tested with others. Drag it under you but dont let go, then place it where you want to go to teleport.

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  • Defender010

    So, this is my first story on Survival 303! If I do something wrong, don't judge!

    Okay, starting the story.

    I join a server of 15 people, with high experience. I've just read about the desert on survival 303 wiki and want to live there (as I like doing hard survival). But I spawn in Rockma Island. So I say: "Okay, this is alright, I can get some iron and make a forge." However, after making some buildings, I find out that the island was inhabited by a tribe, who hate people spawning or going to the island. Saying this, I see some tribesmen and panic. They see me and charge after me. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you but they also have Mithrill weapons, so you know how I feel. I hate dying so I run, but that backfires and I get surrounded by othe…

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  • Coastbyte

    The Duplicator

    September 13, 2015 by Coastbyte

    So within joining a brand fresh new game, I decided I would be creating a metropolis. I got iron, steel and mithril within 20 minutes and then started to prepare my supplies for it. Then someone comes in and shows me he can duplicate. That person's username was SonicDevilX. I guess there was no fun so I just left.

    The End

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  • Yoke6

    stories of yoke6 and 54two

    September 13, 2015 by Yoke6

    Hi all

    i have the second story at sping island.

    Me and 54two was build and farming someone strange want to live with us he was a friendly he build with us then we are very strong the bluesteelers was in our server they have the bluesteel again but we was have mithral armor and spear.then we kill them then they burn all thing we have a thing to revenge  they was at goldrock they was at big castle the server at this castle then me and 54two burn this castle then the server burn then we close before they report us the stories will come wait only

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  • Yoke6

    best stories

    September 13, 2015 by Yoke6
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  • Skylinerichardd

    So I joined the game. This was around last week, and I have a short-term memory, so I don't remember all of it.

    It was around the time I decided to stop and take fishing for a chance. I love to fish, but I never went really far as to get the Swordfish and the Bugshark. This thought came across my head while I started my adventure;

    "Catch the Bugshark", now I'll tell you now.

    I didn't catch it. It was really weird why, but yeah.. So here's the story.

    As usual, I started starting up with tools. I joined the game- instantly grabbed 4 small leaves, 1 small tree stump, and 1 small bush stump. This was how I usually played - I crafted the bucket and fire bow. After that, I started building up my fishing, and somehow oddly went to Bento, I believe be…

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  • UnidentifiedError

         I joined. I looked. IT seemed normal. As such, Iwent to create my steel tools as usual. Once I done that, I headed over to Plateau to set up shop. As I done that, I noticedd someone that I decided to call her kiki showed up. She was friendly, and as such i allowed her to level her skills up and get the mith at spire. As I progressed into the mith age, I wondered what i will do. Mabye make an invention. Go raid. Be a merchant. Then something, someone, joined. Specifically called "Leadvenom' Kiki tried to warn me to hault him. But soemthinghappened that will change this play session forever.

    To be continued...

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  • Puppy2233

    While I was playing today, I noticed some things that were different after the new roblox update.

    -Building placement is no longer aligned to a grid. Upon trying to place a building, I noticed that they could be freely placed, similarly to placing items from your inventory.

    -Ladders are broken. When I tried to stack a ladder on top of another to get up one of the mountains on Mainland, I made a discovery. Not only is stacking ladders perfectly extremely difficult, but when a ladder is placed on top of another, the parts in the middle just... fall. This makes ladders almost completely useless as they can no longer be used to make an easy passage up the tall Mainland mountains.

    There may be other changes, but these are the only ones I am aware …

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  • NoBanana

    New Milestone

    August 5, 2015 by NoBanana

    So I was playing 303 today and found that someone new had joined the game:

    After we greeted each other, they swam up to the island I was at, pulled apart my fast cart, and promptly killed me with a no-reload stone spear. Fortunately, I wasn't actually playing properly on that server, and I was just building silly little contraptions and flying around, so nothing was lost.
    Context aside, this means people are making hate-accounts against me, which I think is an interesting milestone. From the hacker's perspective, I'm well known enough of a community figure to be a valid target to name themselves after, which is flattering in a twisted way.

    On the other hand, it marks the start of a new hacker season, which is a shame. Ah well…

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  • Potateyo

    I have long been irritated at how small the houses in survival 303 is. Since I have almost the entire day today, I decided to make a proper house for once. 

    The House

    Many problems were encountered during the building process

    First, I did not notice that status alerts had been removedm and died of thirst around 2 or 3 times, losing all my mithril axes

    Secondly, Thatching makes structures placed on it extremely unstable, so welded planks had to be added for stability. This fact was discovered the hard way when a newly-constructed wall fell down at mere touch.

    Thirdly, The little bricks on top of the palisade walls look stable, but are not. They will fall off if you bump into them.

    I had long given up fireproofing after the first 200 or so blocks,…

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  • RedHeadedKnight

    tl;dr qxa ;)))

    Mithril Palace was more of a maze than a beautiful residence for aristocrats. Once, a fool snuck in to steal a crumb of fluffed cake ten years ago, never to come back. Many of the nobles have commented since then that the pile of flesh ought to be cleaned up, oblivious as to how it got there. Janitors were called in, but they never returned, either.

    To any non-regular in the palace, even finding the bathroom was a nightmare. Unlike a large department store or a KEAI, signs pointing to a direction were nonexistent, and the route to bladder heaven was as mysterious as the location of the fountain of youth. NoBanana and Indigo seemed to wander forever until time ceased to exist, passing by creepy Anna paintings, creepy Anna sculp…

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  • Moldypotato1337

    Alright so I was just playing survival 303 on the old map and I was really far and kinda bored so I decided to make something I saw on the achievements page called a monorail. I took my knife and got a whole lot of planks. Then I built a small platform with tree stumps and a makeshift ladder which will be my docking spot then made an about 10 plank long rail stretching out from it. I put 1 small compost on a plank above the rail and lined it with windows to make my cart. I put sticks on the sides so when I foraged the holding plank It would fall onto the rail and not be connected to the stud grid. But after I was done with it I couldnt get it to work and gave up on the 1 rail system. 

    So, I switched to 2 rails. I did the same thing above bu…

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  • Awsomeuser32D

    I was bored so...

    June 15, 2015 by Awsomeuser32D

    So I decided to join a server wearing a crown, out of 4 servers this is what happened, 1. Some random guy came up and started spamming cold coins mithril, steel, and gunpowder, then left. 2. Same as last ;-;. 3. Got bombed and killers said no one can wear crowns: wtf? 4: nothing. So I guess, wear a crown on a server? xD

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  • Crykov


    June 9, 2015 by Crykov

    honestly i have to congratulate survival 303 for being probably the only game that doesn't pander to rich players with VIP passes and store-bought reward packages.

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  • Doomspire

    Hello Wikia

    June 8, 2015 by Doomspire

    Hello there only person to ever read this article, because out of literally everything on the Internet you chose this. You couldv'e been playing Survival 303 or at any other Wiki site, but for some odd reason you're on this one, reading this blog at this time. I'm sorry for wasting your time. I truly am. Just kidding, because people on the Internet don't have time to waste. Anyway, I, Doom, am a recent addition to this Wiki. I don't feel like typing any more. Goodbye.

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  • Survivormagma

    5/21/15 3:26

    I was very lazy today and decided to not log in and have some fun. Do people underestimate guests? Do they discriminate against them, or are they kind to them?  Well, let's find out what they think about this guest.

    Ex. 1. Guest with raft and battle club (Original plan) (+ flint)

    I spawned on the small island by paradise with 6 trees. Once I cut down all the trees, I made a raft, club and battle club. Then it started raining... Ugh.

    I died in the storm and ended up on the similar small island near Rockma. Once I repeat crafting, I make my way to Rockma.  I stood on my raft for a little bit, but I didn't seem like a threat. I took out a battle club and hurt a rockma, but he didn't see me as a threat still. Then I got close unarmed …

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