Caution: Explosive. May go BOOM at any time
Recipe Plank x2 + Gunpowder x2 + Fuse
Crafting Station Quality Design Table
Uses Blowing things up

A Bomb is an explosive item in Survival 303.


Bombs are explosive items. They take the appearance of a 3x3x5 block, and are brown in color. When clicked, they will turn red, and will lock, meaning that they cannot be moved with the Drag tool. After a short period of time, the bomb will explode, killing all players in a small radius around it, and force any nearby blocks to separate. However, bombs do not have much explosive force, and often, whatever is blown up will just separate and slide slightly. If destruction is wanted with bombs, bring a second, to use after a wall or building is forced apart. A bomb cannot be foraged when lit.

Bombs should be used with catapults to lob them over walls, whilst this does not require fireproofing of the catapult you must time the activation exactly right. Too slow to activate the catapult and the bomb may explode, killing you or exploding in the air. Too fast and the bomb will sit in the enemy base and enemies will have time to run. Beware when igniting bombs with a fire starter, as they will explode instantly. For times when one is not in a rush, it is recommended to place a small brick beside it, light the brick on fire, and run, as bombs have a surprisingly large explosion radius. It can kill anyone instantly if they are in the explosion radius, regardless of armor. Only a forcefield can protect players.

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