A Boulder is an item in Survival 303.


Boulders are large stones that occur naturally in ore veins, particularly inside caves, though they can also be artificially produced by quarries or crafted from a rockma hide. Mining boulders requires a pickaxe strong enough to mine the ore they reside in, which can severely limit opportunities to mine them early in the game. This can be rectified by travelling to places with high concentrations of stone, namely Rockma Island, though constantly journeying to fetch them can become tedious, so it is highly recommended to construct a quarry as soon as possible.

Boulders primarily have their uses in the crafting of stone walls for the construction of medieval-age buildings and are an important step in obtaining those such as the forge, steel workshop, and the wide variety of stone fortifications available for defending one's settlement.


  • Boulders were once able to be crafted from two small stones, dramatically increasing the rate at which a new player could construct medieval buildings. With that ability removed, quarries are sought after more heavily.