These are items only available in an event, but are now gone.
  • Firework.PNG Firework, when activated it will do one of many different firework explosions (New Year Event)
  • Cooked turkey.PNG Cooked Turkey, Obtained by killing a turkey and cooking the meat (Thanksgiving Event)
  • Le alive turkey.PNG The turkey, a large version of the chicken (Thanksgiving Event)
  • Turkey.PNG Raw Turkey, left behind when a turkey is killed. (Thanksgiving Event)

Christmas (2011)

Holiday tree

Gift, it cannot be foraged, click to open it. A single gift spawns at a random Holiday Tree every 10 minutes, and when opened a random tool is given, including admin items.

Valentines Day (2012)

Box of Chocolates, a basic food item, gained when a ROBLOX registered friend joins the game.

Saint Patrick's Day (2012)


Inspection Glass, a tool that can be used on Clovers, has a chance of finding a four leaf clover and rewarding a random item or tool.

Halloween (2012)

Sprit Of Halloween, a black translucent spirit found on paradise island, similar to the one found in the cave on canyon island. When you are close enough, you can say "Trick or treat" and it will either reward you with a random tool, kill you, blind you, teleport you to a random island, give you a temporary skill advancement buff, or give you health/speed boosts for a short period of time.

Pumpkin, a farmable item that is found on various islands, can be crafted into Jack o' Lanterns, which will give seeds as a byproduct.

Jack o' lanterns, a source of light similar to a dropped torch or lantern, has a carved face on one side. When crafted, pumpkin seeds will also be obtained.

Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Juice, made from a single pumpkin, crafted with dough or a glass cup. Restores identical stats to the apple equivalent of the food.

Thanksgiving (2012)

Turkey, an animal that looks like a large chicken, and drops raw turkey when killed.

Raw and Cooked Turkey, left behind by a turkey upon death. Can be cooked to create cooked turkey.

Christmas (2012)

Holiday Tree, one of the three types of holiday tree.

Trimmed Holiday Tree, one of the three types of holiday tree.

Decorated Holiday Tree, one of the three types of holiday tree.

Ornament, made from glass, can be added to a holiday tree.

Candy Cane, obtained upon spawn, can be farmed on small compost.

Gift, given By Santa, has the same effects as in 2011.

New Years (2013)

Firework, same effect as in 2012

Valentines Day (2013)

Box Of Chocolates, same effects as in 2012

Fourth Of July (2013)

Firework, same effect as during New Year

Halloween (2013)

The Spirit of Halloween returned, with the same effects as the 2012 celebration.

Christmas (2013)

Santa returned, giving gifts whenever you would first spawn into a server.

Holiday tree was added

Ornaments could be crafted

Different types of candy canes were added, and regular candy canes could be farmed

New Years (2013)

Fireworks were added.

Valentines Day (2014)

A box of chocolates would appear in your backpack when you first spawned into a server, and you would get an extra box whenever someone on your friend's list would join the same server.

Fourth of July (2014)

Fireworks were added.

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