Iron is a tier of tool and armour in Survival 303


  • Iron Pickaxe
  • Iron Axe
  • Iron Knife
  • Iron Spear
  • Iron Javelin
  • Iron Sword
  • Iron Bucket
Advancing from the stone age introduces a player to the beginnings of classical and medieval technologies. Properly entering the iron age – that is to say they can make the tools and armour associated with it – requires first that a forge has been built. Forges facilitate the process of smithing the various instruments of resource gathering and warfare made from iron. However, once unlocked, a plethora of new opportunities become available: Access to coal and steel making, lumber mills for cutting stumps into planks, grinding wheat into flour by use of a grain mill, and much more.


Tool Station Recipe
Pickaxe Forge Handle + Iron
Knife String + Iron
Sword Iron (x2)
Chainmail Leather Armour + Iron
Platemail Rockma Hide Armour + Iron (x2)
Bucket String (x2) + Iron


Tools and weapons serve to deter foreign raids and crime. Some tools are better than others at dealing damage, particularly weapons, as gathering tools are meant to harvest resources and it is strictly the nature of a weapon to serve a militaristic role.

Target Area
Tool Head Torso Leg Arm
Pickaxe 50 25 18.75 12.5
Axe 50 25 18.75 12.5
Spear 50 25 18.75 12.5
Javelin 50 25 18.75 12.5
Knife 30 15 11.25 .7.5
Sword 60 30 22.5 15

Ability & Efficiency

A gathering tool is defined by its efficiency or chance to successfully harvest a given material and what materials it can harvest.

Efficiency Iron Coal Sulphur Gold Chromite Mithril
Pickaxe 60% X X X
Efficiency Small Tree Large Tree Yew Tree
Axe 60% X

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