A Chicken is an animal in Survival 303.


There are two distinct genders of chickens. Hens have a dull brown color and drop raw chicken and a feather. Roosters are a vibrant semi-orange/nougat color and only drop Raw Chicken.

Habitat and Population

Chickens are animals native to Rockshard Isle and Jagged Island. There are usually three hens and one rooster in every chicken "brood". One brood spawns on Jagged island, whereas two spawn on Rockshard isle, making it the premium chicken-gathering site. One of the two broods on Rockshard spawns on the small hill in the center, making some sort of ladder a near-necessity for returning to the top after chasing down an escaped chicken.


Chickens are not dangerous creatures and as noted in the infoboxes, even enraged roosters pose almost no threat. Regarding movement, chickens wander around, occasionally drowning themselves, or making their way into the caves present on both islands that they spawn at.

Hunting/Farming Tips

Chickens aren't a great source of food individually, but are easy to kill in vast quantities and provide a fair amount of saturation for the relatively small 20 points of hunger that they grant when consumed. They can thus be used as a decent food source, easily accessible for even those with primitive technology.

To make chicken-hunting more efficient, seek out every chicken from a brood and kill them. This way you can gather resources from the entire brood; if just one chicken is hiding far away or in a cave, this can decrease your yields by 25%. Don't let this happen to you.

While a source of food, note that chickens are most often hunted for their feathers, an essential component of iron and steel arrows.


  • Raw Chicken
  • Feather (Hen only)
  • Eggs (Nearby, Chicken Coops)


Name Crafting
Chicken Coop Small Bush Stump x2 + Nest + Egg
Fried Chicken "Cook" Raw Chicken


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