The Forge is a building in Survival 303.


The forge is an important structure that provides the player the ability, for the first time, to smith metal tools, particularly iron and steel, and is likewise an early milestone for the developing tribe. It contains a central furnace which can be lit with a fire starting tool and burns forever unless manually extinguished. Because it essentially offers an infinite heat source, it is useful for refining ores and cooking food, though the range at which the furnace can effect nearby items is limited, which may make refining large quantities of materials difficult. This is circumvented later should a player be able to build the vastly improved cousin to the forge, the smeltery, which provides a considerably larger space for smelting and offers a more extensive set of recipes which unlock access to mithril and bluesteel tools.



Item Recipe
Bolt Refined Steel + Small Stick


Item Recipe
Iron Gear Refined Iron


Item Recipe
Milking Pail Refined Iron + String (x2)
Iron Bucket Refined Iron + String (x2)
Steel Bucket Refined Steel + String (x2)


Item Recipe
Iron Platemail Refined Iron (x2) + Rockma Armor
Iron Chainmail Leather Armor + Refined Iron (x2)
Steel Platemail Refined Steel (x2) + Rockma Armor
Steel Chainmail Leather Armor + Refined Steel (x2)

Gathering Tools 

Item Recipe
Steel Pickaxe Handle + Refined Steel
Steel Sickle Refined Steel + Small Stick
Iron Pickaxe Handle + Refined Iron
Iron Axe Handle + Refined Iron
Iron Sickle Refined Iron + Small Stick
Steel Axe Handle + Refined Steel


Item Recipe
Iron Cheese Bin Refined Iron (x3)
Hammer Refined Iron (x2)
Flint & Steel Cut Stone + Refined Steel
Steel Knife Refined Steel + String
Iron Knife Refined Iron + String


Item Recipe
Iron Sword Refined Iron (x2)
Iron Javelin Handle + Refined Iron
Steel Sword Refined Steel (x2)
Steel Spear Handle + Refined Steel
Steel Javelin Handle + Refined Steel
Crossbow Handle + String (x2) + Refined Steel
Iron Spear Handle + Refined Iron


Before the overhaul to the crafting system through the use of a polished, central UI, the anvil located inside the forge functioned as a 'crafting ingredient' which had to be selected first, followed by the recipe of a tool or item in order to actually produce them. This functionality of course was abstracted out into the various crafting stations we see today.

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