Gold is an ore in Survival 303.


Gold is a precious metal found throughout the archipelago. While it is not challenging or particularly difficult to find or mine, it is nevertheless uncommon relative to the other minerals that can be found. Some players many mistaken it for sulphur, as they share a similar yellow appearance. Generally, sulphur tends to be found around magma pools and other volatile locations. It cannot be used to craft the familiar set of tools and armour that come with other metals, and instead serves to provide a more utilitarian role being that it can be pressed into gold coins for facilitating a proper economy, smithed into a gold jug for storing vast amounts of water, used as a secondary component to some mithril tools, and is a vital ingredient in the production of bluesteel.


  • (April Fools' Day) Halofan987123 announced the addition of gold tools, along with unicorns and villagers. This of course was a joke.