A majority of the inventions listed below cannot be repeated due to current updates.


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Concepts are ideas or techniques that everyone should know and will benefit all players. It should not be categorized in anything else accept here, for as it is beyond important. This area may contain untested ideas.

! Boat Autopilot

A simple technique that allows you to continue moving without having to press anything, meaning it's a useful trick for when moving long distances on rafts. May not work on some platforms.

Items Required: Any boat.

To "auto pilot," one must start moving in their boat, then change windows (e.g. Alt + Tab) while doing so. This may glitch the boat, making it not respond to your commands later on. Fortunately, this can be fixed by jumping off of the seat and getting back on.


The line between surviving and living.

!Ghost Boat

Sometimes a professional shipbuilder can get bored. Simply having merchant frigates isn't enough, and you want to cause some commotion. This is a method to do so.

Please Note: This will only work with heavy boats, like the large sailboat and the merchant frigate. Other boats may tip and go on their side when sent on long courses. This will also consume the boat, and render it useless, so use it when you have lots of boats to spare.

Firstly, you need to place your boat, and fireproof everything except the seat. After you have finished that, position your boat so it is heading in a straight line and will not hit any islands on its path, preferably passing many inhabited islands for maximum commotion. Light the seat, and if done correctly, it should keep its momentum, and head eerily in a straight path where you directed it, without a driver, which will cause panic and confusion in tribes it passes. Be warned that if it hits an island, or a boat, it will lose it's momentum, and most likely tip over.

! Shop Into House

Things needed -Lots Of Glass - Fabric (Optional just for looks) -A shelf (Can be made with planks or using the shelf) -A Food Compartment(Similar to the Shelf,but is stored somewhere else) This invention can help traders "trade" and "live" at the same time.

The shop building is very spacious and has a window too. You can turn it into a house by making it feel like home. To make it fill it with glass, and optional use fabrics as carpet, the carpet can make you feel like its modern. Now for the shelf: ALSO for looks, but can be stolen since the glass filled window can be foraged and someone may take the stored items unless not in the corner of the "House". Now the food compartment is similar to the shelf, but it stores food. This can be made with a single small leaf being blocked with a small stone and has AT LEAST a pie or 2 bread/Corn Bread.

Now if you want to trade, forage the glass. After trading you can put the glass back.

! Sandwich/Cheeseburger This cannot be done.

Items Needed: 2 bread, 1 Cooked Venison (Any meat you like!), and Young Cheese or Cheese.

First, place a piece of bread on the ground (or you can slice the bread to conserve more bread). Then, put the meat of your choice on top. Add Cheese. Then top it off with the other bread . Add Apples or Berries juice for your drink!

'Note that this is purely aesthetic and does not give any other bonuses other 'than conserved space.

? Raft Robot

Requires: 2 Carpentry, 2 Shipbuilding (Large)

Supplies: Raft/Large Raft, Any Knife, 2 windows (craft 2 glass), lots of Something tall, Something to umbrella you, 4 bush stumps Choose your decorations!

First, make a raft. Then put something tall that surrounds the raft width, leave a door and the front untouched. For the area behind the seat, use the knife... Then put the umbrella invention on top. For the front, place 2 bush stumps to the bottom, then add a layer of 2 windows on both sides, followed by a layer of more bush stumps. Give your robot details! If you want, add more seats for passengers.

! Raft Disguised Sailboat/Catamaran

Waterproof the hull and the driver's seat. Burn down the other parts. The boat should look like a long raft. (Saves water if you are on an island with no water supply.)

! Crows Nest

This invention is for shipbuilders who want to add a crows nest. This only works for boats with masts.

Materials needed:

-1 Knife (Any material)

- Several Small Sticks (Varies on how large the mast(s) is)

- Wooden Seat

To make the crows nest, you need to place the seat on top of the mast facing forward. Weld sticks using the stone knife and make a ladder down the mast. Make sure the welded sticks are on the side opposite to the sail. Once you are able to climb up onto the seat, then will your Crows Nest is completed. This is purely aesthetic, however your ship can have a slightly larger amount of people on board.

Angry Birds' Slingshot In Roblox

Angry Birds' Slingshot... IN ROBLOX :O

Items Needed:

- A knife

- Lots of small sticks [36]

- 2 planks

- A seat of any kind

1. Weld the sticks

2. Attach 12 welded sticks to both sides of the top of the catapults arm.

3. Attach 12 more to the top of the welded sticks.

4. Attach the planks to the back of the welded sticks

5. Put a seat on the edge of the plank.

6. The seat should fall and then all you need to do is fling someone who is sitting on the seat.

7. (For extra fun, Make a tower to knock down with some friends as pigs.


  1. Forage two "Small Bush Stumps"
  2. Place them both down.
  3. Make one of them into a wooden seat.
  4. Put the other stump down where you want your chair to be.
  5. Put the seat on top
  6. Make the seat face the way you want
  7. DONE! Doesn't require skill levels and is easy to make.


Buildings that will benefit you. Conserving space may be something that can be placed here.

! Custom Made Towns

! Town on a boat

File:RobloxScreenShot11032015 150834854.png

You will need:

A large raft

Tons of Planks

A knife (anvil + [metal] + string OR cut stone + string)

Any buildings you want to put in the town.

I started off my town as a lumberjack carrier (see the invention "lumberjack" above) by connecting the lumberjack with the boat using cut planks. Then, I thought to put a mill on top the lumber mill on the flat part when the planks come out. It was secured with welded planks. After that, I added a forge to the front, which proved difficult because the planks needed to be just right. I also put a plank jutting out to the side, with two large compost on the end, and put a hut on it for decoration. I would advise not to plant on the boat while it is moving too! It could bring your whole boat down. Requirements: 1 Cart, 12 Planks, 3 Different Buildings (your choice), Any Knives,

Fire-making tool. You start of by placing the cart then waterproof everything INCLUDING the fence. Once you waterproof it all, begin to weld the planks with your knife. Then place the welded planks on the cart in a shape of a square (Its optional to increase the size of the square). After doing it, Place the desired buildings on the square or conserve space by stacking them. Once your done, feel free to improve it but beware of raiders for it may look like a tasty target, Remember if your a large tribe, you may use this around the mainland but there might be a possibility to ship this on a large boat... But that's just plain bizarre. Well there you have it, the town that can move to your control. ( But I'm sure this will work :D )

? Town on a Cart

Before I tell you how, I'm not sure actually if a single cart is gonna support this so don't blame me for any things and etc.

Requirements: 1 Cart, 12 Planks, 3 Different Buildings (your choice), Any Knives

Fire-making tool. You start of by placing the cart then waterproof everything INCLUDING the fence. Once you waterproof it all, begin to weld the planks with your knife. Then place the welded planks on the cart in a shape of a square. It's optional to increase the size of the square. After doing it, place the desired buildings on the square or conserve space by stacking them. Once your done, feel free to improve it but beware of raiders for it may look like a tasty target. Remember if you're a large tribe, you may use this around the mainland but there might be a possibility to ship this on a large boat... But that's just plain bizarre. Well there you have it, the town that can move to your control. ( But I'm sure this will work :D )

! Town on a House

Are you a space conserver? A modern architect? Or just living in an oh-too-small space? Then this invention is perfect for you! Make sure you have a Medieval House or a Shop. Plus a lot of ladders. Place the house on the place you want a town. Then put a ladder aligned to the house. Place your forges and a whole bunch of other buildings with floors on the edges on the top of the house you're using for your base. After that, place a well in the desired area and put a lumbermill on top. Then place a mill on the lumbermill! Fireproof all your stuff, and you're done!

!The Bread House

Start by making TONS of bread. Then arrange them to make a house of bread. This can be used as a storm shelter, etc. and it's edible. This is useful for when you don't have a shelter or don't know how to make one. You can also use other stuff such as Iron, Steel, Or anything that works. Even Fried Chicken!... But that would take a while. Pie house? Sounds good.

The only problem is that it is easily foraged or eaten.

However, if you dislike noobs chowing your beautiful house down, poison is a good idea.

Useful Structures

!!Floating/Suspended Island

Ever wanted to build an island suspended in air? Here is how to do so.

Note: Since this is going to be made out of raw material it is suggested you fireproof all of it upon making the items and build it high enough that the bricks cannot be moved from the ground—else you risk any person coming along and moving your bricks rapidly, destroying your island. If somebody makes it up there, they will not hesitate to forage absolutely everything.

You will need:

Well Variation:First, make a Lighthouse if you are using one of the items listed as an anchor. Go to any island of your choice. (I suggest one out of the way such as Spring or Plateau. Magma is not recommended because items falling into the snow become irretrievable and items placed on the snow become ungrid-locked) Then, from the ground, make one lighthouse in a clean, stable area. (Make sure it is connected solidly to the brick grid or else your island won't float!) Go to the top through the door, and try and squish another lighthouse on top of that one. Use that teleport, repeat, and go up there.

Next, place your anchored building on top of the lighthouse (Once again, make very well sure it is on the brick grid!) and stand on top of it. Your buildings are anchored so it will not fall if you remove the lighthouse (AS long as everything is well locked to the brick grid). Planks are the exact width of any side of the Well, so after you've placed the well, put a plank on any side (Recommended: an open side) and then attach a thatching to the plank . Continue this process similar to the first picture below. You only need to put planks in single rows from now on and it will be neater this way.

Lighthouse Variation:First, get a lighthouse. Place it on island of choice. Get to the top of the lighthouse(fire part is best). Place the armor on top and move the armor to be on top of lighthouse. Touch the armor and vola! the lighthouse magically lifts. Repeat multiple times for desired height. Build the floating island as normal. (Buildings will not be able to be put on the island) Pros:

  • Can be as high as you can
  • Can't be easily knocked down by bomb/bomb dust(gunpowder)
  • Can place well without fear of it knocking down.


  • Easily entered
  • Can fall if parts near lighthouse are taken out

(It is not required that you get your head stuck in the thatching as I did... in fact this is highly not recommended and if this happens it might mean your island has glitched and enabled can collide, which is an uncommon but tragic glitch which makes your items unforagable and can collide. The only way to fix it is removing your well and allowing your island to fall, and ultimately starting over.)

Now that you've used up all of your planks and thatching making a platform, remove your lighthouses when you are comfortable with doing so. Your island should float. If it doesn't, you probably failed to lock it to the brick grid. Retool everything, recollect your planks & thatching or make new ones, and try again if this happens. If you were successful, good for you!

Put down three to four large compost and maybe one or two small compost . Plant berries in the small ones, and apples & wheat in the big ones. Sort which large composts have wheat & which have apples by your preference, as long as you have at least one of each. Self-sustain your thatching and plank supply and make sure to fireproof everything to prevent grief. Make sure your planks are welded too.

As you collect more and more compost, your island should get bigger and bigger and you can start adding buildings as you would to a normal island tribe.

Use your fishing rod to get food, or place a mill and make breadfrom your wheat. And whatever you do, NEVER drink from your well, only use water containers. NEVER let your well's portions reach below 0.

If you fall off of your island or need to exit: .

Do not fear! There is a simple yet special way to get back up. From the bottom of your island, select a lighthouse from your inventory and look up at your island. Mouse over the bottom until you can spawn it on a nice, stable area. Make sure the entire front of the lighthouse is hanging off the edge completely, but make sure a row of studs or two is nicely on the brick grid of your island. Upon placing it, the teleporting door should fall off and plummet towards you. Most of the time it will bounce off the island below and fly away, but going after it is the only option to get back up. Touch the black door, and you should be teleported to your island! Jump out the lighthouse and land safely on your island, and then retool it.

!! Artificial island

Simpler way of doing this.

Make docks, then burn off everything but the big main piece of wood, tad-ah! Keep adding until your island is big enough and no one is able to wreck it—unless they have bombs... but bombs destroy any building

This is an island created by you, and placed wherever you want.


- Composts, Stone Slabs, or docks and harbours. This is your floor.

- Decent basic skills (e.g. architecture, masonry, farming, etc. at least level 5).

- Gathered farmable materials, such as berries, wheat, and apples.

- Any knife (stone will do), you will need to weld objects to make your floor

- A well (unless you plan on making so many berries that you will never go thirsty)


- Fire-proofing (If you don't want arsonists to attack).

- Other skills and weapons before you embark.

Before you make floors in middle of ocean from nowhere, you need to plan your new area carefully. Like player's routing area, raiders, resource needs and other things you need to be nearby.

Then, start leveling up your skills in minimum of 2, because if you go on the new area that didn't have every resources you need. Farming level for apple trees to produce tree stumps & raw food, architecture for buildings, masonry for stone objects/buildings and other things you need before you create a new area, and if you want to make it from harbours, you will need a good level of shipbuilding.

After you have done this and know where you want to set up, carry any items you need and start building up right away.

If you are using slabs and composts for floorBefore you place your new buildings in your new area (in middle of ocean). First, you need to place stone slabs/composts and weld on top of the water. Keep, placing many slabs/composts as possible until you have enough space to place buildings and your basic farming place. Then, you may now start setting up a new building to your new above docked land and start planting apple trees right away.

If you are using docks/harbours for floor Firstly, place a dock/harbour, and fireproof all the bits you want to keep (main body, possibly the box and hut), then burn away the excess (long poles for keeping the boats in). Repeat multiple times and you have an unforageable island! Keep in mind this is MUCH more time consuming than placing composts, but is much more safe if you fireproof it you are immune to players burning it.

Tada, your very own new island/docked land. It can be limited but you can expand when ever you desire with the same method of using this.


There are several people who may not have the best of intentions if they find your island, these include (but are not limited to) thieves, pyros, and bombers. A thief will forage all your stone slabs and composts, however you can avoid this by making the island from docks and harbours. the Pyros will come to your island and burn everything that isn't fireproof, so you should make your island out of stone (vulnerable to thiefs) or fireproof it. Lastly, there is bombers, and you cannot do a thing about them. Fortunately, someone dedicated enough to make several gunpowder and bombs will almost never waste them on someone who they do not have a grudge against, so you can avoid most of them by staying quiet and using area chat when storing items.

Remember that attackers will most likely be more than one of these types of people, and you cannot be fully immune to all types of attack, as with being on a normal island. However, by being on an artificial island, you will be much more safe than anyone else, as nobody will find you unless very dedicated.

Making an island can be very tedious, and time consuming. Once you have one, it is very rewarding, but remember that you will probably spend about an hour preparing and setting up a decent artificial island.

If you are using composts/stone slabs instead of docks and harbours, be careful when foraging. You may take out the floor by accident.

Keep in mind that if anyone starts foraging your island, they are breaking the rules of survival 303, (foraging hand made structures) and a video should be taken and send to an admin.

! Hardboiled Egg Spawner

Stats needed: Farming 2, Cooking 2, Architecture 3, Masonry 2

Buildings needed: 1-3 Chicken Coup(s)[Farming 2], 1 Stove[Cooking 2, Architecture 3, Masonry 2]

Items needed: [Small Bush Stump + Small Bush Stump + Nest + Egg], [Stone Wall + Window + Charcoal +Oil], 7 Small Stones

Extra things needed: Water container of any kind.

Place a fireproofed chicken coup on top of a stove. The eggs should be cooked. Be prepared to lose a chicken coup because it might burn down, making it nonretoolable. This makes a quick snack for raiders, farmers, cooks, and more!

You can place up to 4 chicken coups on one stove.

Another good idea is to not light the stove, but place the chicken coops all beside each other and fireproof the nest part and other parts that are closest to each corner of the stove. Don't fireproof anything else. Then light the stove and you have a much faster Hard-boiled egg spawner!


This invention uses the mechanics of the fast ground vehicle to make a bridge that it can go on! Now, to make the railroad, you will need 8 planks for every 1 stone slab that you use. You can make as many sections as you want, but keep in mind you need 8 planks for every slab. The planks should be welded with a knife. To begin, place the stone slab somewhere. Then, put a plank on it, rotating so that it is the same direction as the slab, and that it's pointing upwards. Then, put it on the side of the slab, so that only 1 stud of wood is touching it. Repeat this with 3 other planks. For the 5th plank, put it so that it is flat, and place it on the other plank so that half of it is hovering above the slab. Repeat with the next 3 planks. Congratulations, you've just made a section of track! You can repeat this with as many slabs you want, for a longer and longer track. You should cap off the ends, too, so that your car doesn't fly out of this. Just make sure to fireproof it so it can't be burned.

Now, I'm not going to tell you how to make the car vehicle, or how to get it into the track. You can experiment with it and see what works best for you.

! Animal Transporter

Make a large raft, now make some cage (leave an opening so the animal to go in). When completed, quickly shut the cage (use window) but you have to push it in the cage first. After this,open it and push it into the desired location and make a cage again (useful if you don't want to live on mainland and want milk).

! Cliff Balcony

Ahhh want a fantastic view in an epic way and chillax?

Things needed

  • A knife (Any type)
  • Lots of welded wooden planks
  • Some bush stumps
  • A cliff
  1. Make a floor a big one depends if you want big or not
  1. Get 4 bush stumps and put them on the corners of the floor
  1. Make your planks flat
  1. Make a railing with it
  1. Now your done

Useful for extra space or for show (Very useful if your on Spire)

! Bridge

First, make a tower. Place at desired starting location. Then, use stone slabs to go across [first goes on tower, then put one under the one you placed]. When you reached the desired location, put a welded plank to the stone slab that is touching the surface of the connection. You can put a stone slab connecting to the "floor". Use welded planks, to support the bottom and to connect the stone slabs to the tower securely. Use planks as decoration.

!Bridge (2)

Using the same tactic with docks or stone, you can build a bridge from one island to another. Be warned though, as it will block any boats coming past, meaning people will often forage it if it is in their way, so using docks and harbours is vital.

! Homemade Bakery

Skills required: Cooking 2, Masonry 4, Architecture 3, Carpentry 3.

The best materials to use in order to make one is a Mill, Stove, a Sandstone Hut, and a Sandstone Well. Place the Sandstone Hut in desired location. Then, place the Sandstone Well and Stove inside the hut. Finally, Put the Mill near the doorway. 4 Large Compost can be put on the top of the Sandstone Hut, too.

!Water Bridge (3)

Things needed: ~Stone slabs (Depends how long you want your bridge) ~Lots of small sticks ~Lumbermill ~Planks ~Wood ~Knife

1. Place the stone slabs on the water. MAKE SURE THAT YOU CLIP IT ONTO THE WATER

2. Line them up

3. Weld the small sticks

4. Put the small sticks straight up

5. Put the planks straight up on the welded small sticks

?Grenade launcher

This is a very simple idea. THINGS NEEDED:Catapult,bomb or flaming material if you want to burn from long range,firestarter.

1.First place your catapult where you want it.

2A.Put your bomb in the launching area. Then light and launch.

2B.Fire proof the catapult,then put your flaming material in the launching area and fire away.

If you want use this idea with the Warship above

!! Teleporter

To make a teleporter, you will need:

7 Architecture

3 stone walls, 2 stone slabs, and one (Filtered) oil

A cart (plank x3 + wood seat)

Basically, you place the cart, and then the lighthouse so that only the door to the lighthouse in on the cart. The main building will float behind the cart. When you place it, the light house will simply fall to the ground, and will usually not fall over. With the door detached from the main structure, bring the door (now the portal) to desired location. Once at said desired location, go through the door, and voila! You can build as many teleporters are you'd like too, just remember which one's which!

! Basic Cliff Trap

This Invention is defense for tribes or soloists who live in the Spire, Paradise, Plateau, the Mainland or living high up if you know what I meant.

Materials needed:

  • 1 Small Stick.
  • 1 Small Tree stump.
  • Any kind of junk material(s) ( Trap will be more effective with seats)

To make the trap, set up the building spot near a cliff with either a natural barrier or man-made structure to hold the small tree stump. Then place the small stick near the edge as the base. Then place the Small Tree stump on the Small Stick horizontally. If the instructions are done correctly the Small Tree Stump will be leaning against the barrier in a tilted form. The Small Tree stump must be a few studs close to the edge of the Small Stick and the cliff in order for it to fall after the Small Stick is removed. After placing the Small Tree stump, place the specific object on the Small Tree stump. Then once you placed the object you are done with the trap now all you need to do to activate it is to forage the Small Stick supporting the Small Tree stump. If done correctly the Small Tree Stump will fall with the item at the edge of the cliff resulting the raiders to get distracted, seated while falling and or squished by the larger items which may give you enough time to kill them ( Or escape. ).

Suggested ammo:

Seats - Its only illegal if the seat sticks to the terrain, since the seat is falling it has nothing to stick to thus rendering it legal.

Large tree stump - Can cause Raiders to lose balance or flip due to Roblox physics, but can take tons of space and planning..

Compost with crop planted in it - If the Compost is planted with a fruit or seed, it will become locked from being grabbed and forage which can make the Compost a useful ammo if planned with skill.

PSW ( People on Seats with Weapons ) - If you are facing a foe with mithril weaponry, find a volunteer in your tribe for him/her to be used as ammo. Give the player a weapon to allow him/her to attack while falling to his/her doom. Best to use if you have too many men.

Notes: BE creative in inventing your own kind of ammo. Just remember to follow the rules in order to avoid any trouble, and please be responsible to the deaths of the people that you may be using as part of your ammo inventions.

!Animal Stable!

Materials you will need:

-A hut (recommended: wooden or stone, sandstone has a floor and it is harder to put animals in)

-Something to block the animal in with (recommended: bush stumps, stones, as anything higher than two studs is harder to walk over)

Place down your hut, and find the animal that you want to put in the stable. Push it into the hut (this may take a while) and once the animal is in, block it in with the bush stumps. This is useful if you've shipped a cow and want to keep it in a solid structure rather than a pen.


Simple inventions that allow the user to transverse a certain area whist carrying a package or within a certain time.

! Fast ground vehicle (cart) carrier

You need a large raft, a lumbermill, a knife, and 16 planks.

Use the knife on all of the planks to give them a weld surface, then place one plank on the side of the raft that doesn't have a seat, three studs away from the front. Do that again so that the planks cover all eight spaces of the boat's width. Then put planks on both of the edges so that it branches two more spaces out. After that at the far end of the planks, add another row of planks. Then on the edges so that the new planks are on top of the older ones put two planks on each side and on in each end.

!The Fast Ground Vehicle (Cart) Upgrade

Like fastcarts? But don't like rain? Now you don't have to worry about rain!

Requirements: 5 Small Piles of Dirt, 5 Small Piles of Mud, Large Leaves, 4 Windows, Sail

First, Make a fastcart. then put dirt on each corner, then put mud on the dirt, then in one corner, put dirt on the mud, then put mud on the dirt. then out a sail covering the whole fastcart on the mud. Now you have an upgrade!

Disclaimers: Slower, Harder to get back upright when tipped, need to be careful, Bigger noob target

Have fun!

! Climbing

Need to get to the Spire Mithril mine? Or the Death Water Cave? Or just tired of making 10 ladders at a time? Then I have the solution just for you!

Items Needed: 2 Sm. Tree Stumps or 2 Planks, A Knife of any kind.

Take out the 2 tree stumps. Weld them with your knife by clicking on it. Use the "Move" tool to tilt them until you can jump over them with ease. Do the same with the other tree stump. Hop on to the other tree stump, then move the next one you aren't on. Repeat until you reach the top of what you desire. Forage the tree stumps or planks and use them again!

! Water Scaling

Items Needed: 2 Large leaves or 2 compost

First, place down your two materials, and move them along the ocean, similar to climbing with wielded tree stumps. Just beware, as players may forage your materials.

! Climbing...Version 2, or How to get Over Any Wall!

Too lazy to do the instructions on "Climbing..."? This requires NO move tool, NO knifes, and NO Tree Stumps!

Item(s) required: Lighthouse

Place the lighthouse at desired location you want to climb on. Step on the teleporter, and you will be teleported to the top. You may now jump over the hindering obstacle, and then retool your Lighthouse for further use.

! "Warship"

Build and place a Merchant Frigate, then fireproof EVERYTHING except the mast. Then, burn it. Then you have space for a catapult, so you can blow up the enemy's walls without having to make a man-made island or put it on a nearby island, you can take your catapults everywhere! It would be cool to make a fleet of these.

[Warning]: Do not place it BEFORE the attack when you are going to the enemy island, because it is likely you will lose your catapult due to the bad physics engine.

! Bomb carts

In a war? Need to take down a tough medieval wall? Well this maytake it down so keep in mind, this will not work against double walling. All you need is gunpowder, a bomb, and a cart. Put a bomb in the middle of the cart and then place gunpowder in every other corner. Then drive to your target, set the bomb off, and wait for the wall to come down. Then let your soldiers storm in after the explosion. NOTE: this is recommended for medieval gates due to how fragile they are but if you want to waste gunpowder like that then go ahead.

! Transportaion/Merchant cart

Make a cart.

Now burn the rail but fire proof the main part the 4 wheels and the seat. Now go get trees and drop them into the lumbermill. Now wield them with a knife. Then go make a box. Stack your cart until it is 3 planks long (Tilted). Add a roof. Then place your delivery and go deliver!

For chickens

Do everything said before, but change the height to 2 studded (You may use bush stumps if you like). Now put 4 eggs and 4 nests. Now process it into the nest. I made that bonus for chickens and made a hen house with 2 carts!

! Hoverboard

This invention will allow you to travel across land at a much faster pace than you could by walking or with a cart. It's most useful on a large island like mainland or desert. It stays hovering when driven over water, as well.

To create the hoverboard, you must first create a catamaran. Then fireproof everything except for the lower portion of the boat, and set fire to the bottom half. When the rest of the boat has burnt off, you will be levitating about a 1/4 of a stud off the ground, move onto the land, and you will be able to move quickly around the island with no problems.

Big Comfy Couch

If you use a merchant frigate instead of a large sailboat, then you will get a modified version of the Hoverboard. To make it look like the couch that gives it its name, fireproof the small sticks attached to the block that the seat is on, which, when you have finished burning, give the effect of the arms and back of the couch.

It has no large bonuses, and is slower and larger than the original hoverboard, as well as much more of a target. However, there is a few small perks.

  • Because it is such an attention grabber, it can be used to show superiority, and a large tribe will enjoy using large, wooden, magically moving sofas. It is also slightly faster than the normal walkspeed.
  • It will start slightly higher than the hoverboard does, so you can get it onto slightly higher ledges and landmasses than you can with a hoverboard.
  • It is much larger, meaning a building can be placed on it if you are smart enough. You can place buildings on top of those buildings, and effectively have a village that can be moved around, similar to the one with a cart but faster.

! Lumberjack

There are two parts of a lumbermill: the part that deletes the wood source and the part that drops the planks. They are noncollidable and welded to the lumbermill. You must weld them to fire-proofed planks that are also welded to the ground, then burn off the surrounding lumbermill. Weld both parts to different ground vehicles or boats. Drive the plank machine to desired location and drive lumberjack machine into the bases of trees.

Tested and proved, It works well. Just make sure to attach the Lumbermill as low as possible. However... Patched

! Farming Ship

All you need is a boat. If you have a sailboat or et cetera, burn everything besides the hull and seat. (Fireproof the Hull and Seat) When you stop moving in the Middle of the ocean place down composts (preferably Large) and you can farm on your ship. If you use a Merchant Ship or Catamaran you can place a mill and as long as you have water container filled so you can make bread. This can make you self-sustaining while amazing others.

WARNING: If you start to plant seeds on the compost you might no longer be able to move the boat, even if you could, the grown plants will fall over when the spawn.

This can be fixed by simply placing compost on the sea as it will not disappear if you place it the right way up.

 !The Cloud Climber

Ever wanted to get on a cloud without hacking?

With this, you can!!

Needed=Lighthouse!!(Duh)[Multiple recommended], Any Armor of sorts.

Location=Any island


1.Find a storm

2.Place the lighthouse(s) in a stack.

3.Go to the top via lighthouse portal.(any portal will do)

4.Place the armor and move it with the drag tool.

5.Touch the armor



! A (very) simple safe

Works with any well. Just place your items on the surface of the well and if it can fit, it will fall into the well. To get your items back, put your camera inside the well and drag it out. Or, just remove the well. This is extremely dangerous as people who also know how to get the items out can do that, and also can just drink all the water out of the well. If you need a very simple safe from noobs this is useful.

 ! Animal Auto Killers

Animal auto killers can be used to any animal (Cows, Teraphyx, Chicken(untested) on spawn. This can be incredibly useful for gathering large amounts of meat or materials like feathers and teraphyx horns.


Any type of knife

A weldable object

To create this killer, you find where the animal's spawn point is and you put a welded plank on it. Next time it respawns, it will be stuck on the object. Kill the animal, and it will automatically kill it whenever it respawns.

 ! Cart Extension

Its use is to provide an additional space to the normal cart, may be used as a train too.


2 Carts
2 Planks (Welded)A Lighter

A Bucket

First off, You prepare the 2 Carts in a line to make sure the planks will properly stick to both of the Carts. Then waterproof the Cart infront of the other one, make sure the first Cart has been fully waterproofed. The second Cart must be waterproofed except for the seat. Then continue to burn the seat off the second Cart. After that, just place the plank on the left and right side of the first Cart ( Make sure the planks are also connected to the second Cart). Then Boom!! You have your train/or extended Cart.

 ! Clustering Animals

Too lazy to kill some of those harder to beat animals like Teraphyx? Well this invention rides on the ability to kill animals with explosions.

You need a bomb, a burning object and weapon for any animal that is naturally docile. So as you would think, tick off a swarm of enemies and draw them to you and trapping them if possible would be helpful. Then just drop the bomb, light it and reap your rewards.

On a side note this is an extremely crude way of killing things, and it's much slower than just swinging recklessly with a Sword, so I don't personally recommend using this, but I think it's pretty funny watching them get blow apart.

 ! Mining Refined

So all you need is a burning object and a pick. As you would think just place the burning object on top of the vein of whatever and it'll burn/refine what ever is in the vein. This is a quick little invention that will save you the trouble of having to refine your metals later.

 ! Pyro Trap

Firstly, you must make a ton of bombs. Then you make a few huts and private doors, then go to a popular island where it is likely to find pyros or raiders. Then place down a few huts (Don't fireproof, of course) fill them with bombs, and place the private door. Wait for a pyro, when they burn it, it will explode.

 ! Refining ores in bulk

Tired of only being able to refine a small amount of iron in the forge? With this, you can refine all your ores at once!

First, make a Hut. Make sure it is wooden. Then, place down your Hut and all the ores you need to refine, such as Iron, Steel, and Mithril. Then, arrange the ores in front of a wall of the Hut. you can stack them on top of one another. Then, take a fire starter and set the wall on fire. All you have to do is wait for a minute or so until all the ores are refined, and then you are done!

 ! Simple way to defeat a Teraphyx beast

Teraphyx are relatively difficult beasts to take down. However, there is a simpler way. Aggravate a Teraphyx to chase after you, and, once it begins to give haste, run to the shoreline and get onto a raft. The Teraphyx should still be attempting to engage combat with you. If done correctly, you can slide back a little ways into the water on your raft (about 10-12 studs or so), and the Teraphyx will fall down, off the shore, to the bottom of the ocean. Due to new updates animals now slowly lose health underwater.

 ! The super intricate defense labyrinth system

Plateau Island is a nice island. However, it is rather difficult to completely block off the scaling obstacles to get up on top of Plateau. With this creation, you can easily keep out people attempting to raid you.

Items required: A whole bunch of Medieval Gates and Walls, Spear walls.

Place two Medieval Walls blocking the entrance and the other kind of-entrance. Place a Medieval Gate blocking the way. Place a Spear Wall next to it to prevent ladderers. Place another Medieval Gate (both opened). Place a Spear Wall blocking the path. Place a Medieval Wall on top (facing parallel toward the last brick in the obby thing). Place more walls blocking the outside. You may have to place a Medieval Tower on the hole the last Medieval Gate makes when you make the door go down. To do that, forage the stone and place the tower before the stone regens.

 ! Umbrella Boat and Eagle's Nest

First, take 5 small tree stumps, 2 large leaves, and 2 seats. Then, put 1 small tree trunk and place it on the center of the raft. Next, place a seat on the other end of the raft. Now, place 1 large leaf and place it on the trunk. Then, place the rest of the small tree trunks on the corners of the raft. Next, place the last large leaf and place it on the small tree trunks. Finally, place the last seat in the center of your makeshift eagle's nest.

Techniques That Cannot Be Completed

Due to updates, these techniques cannot be done anymore. This is to look back at what people did in the past.

 ! Animal Trapping

This is a simple invention to trap animals, like when you smack a bento and it runs away all to somewhere far. This little neat thing will stop them. You will need a weapon and large leaf. Kill animal. Wait till it spawns. Put leaf where it spawns. Kill animal again. This time when it spawns, it will be stuck to the leaf. Make sure to make a roof so the animal doesn't fly off the map.

 ! Compression Bomb

Build a rectangle shell (Waterproofed S. Leafs on bottom and small sides, S. Sticks on top and long sides, and small hole in 1 small side to light plank) around the millpiece on a plank machine. The rectangle should match up with the direction of planks. Use lumberjack to fill up shell. Drive bomb to desired location. Light center plank. Small sticks should burn off flinging compressed flaming planks everywhere. OR take a cart, waterproof the seat,base, and wheels. Place a bomb in the middle. Surround it with coal. Put a large compost on top. Drive to location, and it flings flaming coal everywhere.

 ! Floating plants

This is quite easy, you just plant something when something else is already on the compost. If you do this enough times, the plants will eventually stack and make a great big monument of... plants. You can use this to climb surfaces such as Plateau and Spire, which would normally have you climb prebuilt steps and risk detection if you're trying to raid an island. Who knew plants would be so useful in warfare?

RobloxScreenShot09132015 183502-828

It's a floating apple tree! Isn't it amazing???

 ! Foolproof Way to Milk a Cow

First, make sure you have a milking pail. Go to any cow and hop on it. Take out your milking pail and click on the pink block under it. You may have to move when the cow changes direction, or when you're about to fall off because of the cow's motion. This way makes it easier to milk a cow without wasting finger energy on your keyboard following a cow.

Way 2: Make any seat and place it on the cow. Now, sit on the cow. Then, drag your camera angle to show the pink block of the cow. Use your milking pail to milk it. As the cow moves, your camera angle will ALWAYS follow the pink block.

 ! Lock your boat!

This is invention that prevents newbies from stealing you boats. Make sure to put a large leaf on the ship or raft or boat. Then move the boat or ship to an corner edge of the chosen island you want to go to. Make sure boat is touching both sides of the corner. Put the well on top of the leaf. Then newbies shouldn't be able to move the boat.ship.

Please note: This is pretty inaccurate. People can drink from the well until it disappears, and also take the leaves. Do not use this invention for very expensive boats that people would want to take (catamarans, merchant frigates and large sailboats)

 ! Making Bread in bulk

Stoves? Pish. Those cook 2 bread at a time! With this method, you could cook over 16!

Have a big wheat farm or just stay close to any spawning wheat and also have a "Well" near you so you can make dough quite easier. And, most importantly, have/make a "Mill". Make sure you have a water container full of water just in case something goes wrong and also a fire maker.

Make lots of Uncooked Bread. Then forage a Large Leaf but you can forage more and burn 1 whole pile of Leaves to make cooking much faster since there are multiple burning leaves. Make sure you have a water container full of water just in case something goes wrong and also a fire starter. Place 8 bread on the ground. Place the leaf on top. Then stack the remaining bread on the top of that leaf. Set leaf on fire. When the bread is cooked, extinguish the fire or drag it out to sea. NEVER USE IT FOR DRAG-BURNING.

 ! Saddling Bento/Cow

Make a Seat and place it on a Bento/Cow of any kind.

 ! "Shortening" mills and lumbermills

Ever get stuck in a mill or a lumbermill? It's painful, and I know the pain like you do too. So I have a solution; burn off unecessary parts of the building like the parts that don't let you get out if you get stuck! Sure, you'll have a more or less hideous mill or lumbermill, but hey, you'll never get stuck in the same blasted mill/lumbermill over and over again!

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