Large Leaves
Large Leaves
Large pile of leaves for crafting, architecture, and jumping in

Islands Found on

Old Map: Every island except for Desert and Spire.
New Map: All islands, except the Shipwreck

Method of Obtaining

Foraging, Farming, or chopping down a Large Tree


Wood buildings, crafting hemp, making composts, all purpose roof, cooking

War use(s)

Burning buildings, execution

Large Leaves are raw materials in Survival 303. 


Large leaves are a natural resource in Survival 303. They are found on every island except for Desert island, and Spire island, as they have no trees. They are used to craft many buildings, from granaries to lumbermills, to hen houses, and even simple pavillions. They are found on the tops off all trees in Survival 303, but not bushes. Processing them turns them into large composts, in which wheat, corn, and apple trees can be planted in. They can also be crafted into hemp, used for creating canteens and sails, though this takes a crafting skill of 3 to make. 

Before an update made this impossible, large leaves were often used to make super fast carts by putting four windows in a square on top of the leaves, but this can still be done if the leaves are replaced with a small compost.

The large leaf is powerful enough to slowly kill you if it is on fire.