Large Tree Stump
Large Tree Stump
A large tree stump, useful in advanced shipbuilding

Islands found on

Old Map: Mainland, Bento, Paradise, Teraphyx, Magma, Plateau
New Map: Catacomb, Crescrent, Rockshard, Stonewall, Jungle, Harbor, Farmer's

Method of Obtaining

Chopping a large tree



A Large Tree Stump is a raw material in Survival 303.


A large tree stump is mainly used in architecture and shipbuilding. To obtain one you must use an axe or a hatchet and click on it until it disappears into your inventory. A wall can be created by using 1 large tree stump. When a large tree stump is placed into a lumbermill, it can make 8 planks. It is much more efficient to put a large tree stump in a lumber mill, rather than to craft it into one wall, because 8 planks make 4 walls.
On Mainland and Jungle, one tree (the Tree of Life) towers above all the others, consisting of 12 large tree stumps (3x2x2) and 72 Large leaves. It is similar to the yew tree, in that an axe or hatchet is required.