In Survival 303 there are two types of lynx, the Cave Lynx and the Field Lynx. They both act different as the field lynx is neutral, while the cave lynx is hostile.

Field Lynx


Field Lynx are small, tan versions of the Cave Lynx.

Habitat and Population

The Field Lynx is found on Mainland and Spring. The Field Lynx on Spring like to hang around the shore.


Field Lynx roam around their territory, occasionally get stuck somewhere, and do little else. When attacked, they will attempt to return the attack, but unless their attacker is using a club, or is really bad at PvP, the efforts are usually fruitless.


Field Lynx only drop Lynx Fur when killed, which is only used for quivers. As quivers are uncommon, and lynx are only found in rarely visited areas, they are very uncommonly traded.

Cave Lynx


Cave Lynx are brown versions of Field Lynx.

Habitat and Population

Two cave lynx spawn in the mainland mine, seven spawn across the dread isles, and another four spawn on magma island.


The cave lynx will wander aimlessly around, attacking only when attacked.

Hunting Strategies

As they ignore the code that tells them to stay near their spawn point when chasing the player, they can be drowned similar to Teraphyx.

An easier way to kill one (assuming you have decent weaponry) is to attack, let it charge at you and step side once it`s moving. Hit them again, and if they're not dead (they should be if using steel or up), repeat process. This works because animals cannot change direction once moving/charging.

An even easier way is to get them to chase you and jump to somewhere they can't get you, like two small leaves stacked on top of each other. Then, use javelins, or a bow to kill them. Three hits to the head with a stone javelin can kill them and is very cheap. This takes about zero effort if you do this with javelins near their spawn.


The cave lynx, when killed, will leave Lynx Meat in place of its body. It restores 16 hunger in total, however due to the aggressive nature of the cave lynx, it is hard to make this into a reliable food source.

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