Stare into the dark depths of oblivion, where no light escapes the pitch black void of space that is: Oil.
Recipe Refine crude oil, either with a crude oil filter or an oil filter
Crafting Station N/A
Uses Cooking and light sources.

Oil is a common item in Survival 303.


Oil is used for many purposes, mainly for cooking, refining, and building. It is found on oil spills in some areas of the map. These oil is first collected as crude oil. Crude oil is useless without being filtered. To do this, you need a crude oil filter, which takes a relatively long time to filter, or and oil filter, which will only take two thirds the time, (30 seconds for a crude oil filter, 20 seconds for an oil filter).

Oil burns for a very long time, which is ideal for cooking and refining. Oil torches, lanterns, lighthouses, stoves and bakeries also need oil. Besides the traditional uses, oil can also be used in warfare due to its long burn time.