Paradise Island is an island in Survival 303.


Paradise Island is a group of three islands, with two smaller ones and a larger main island. The main island is flat near the shore, and has tall cliffs with wide ledges toward the center. In the center of the cliff walls is a valley with plentiful berry bushes and apple trees, sometimes called "The Orchard". A waterfall flows down from a deep pool in the cliffs above.

On one ledge, a few tree stumps above the orchard, are some groups of onions and a deep, dark hole that contains coal and sulphur veins. Near the shore are bare trees, bushes, and wheat fields. The smaller of the two other islands has only trees and bushes, and the larger has trees and bushes as well as a wheat patch.

Survival Tips

Paradise is called Paradise for a reason: it has an orchard filled with fruits, a beautiful waterfall, high cliffs, and lots of pretty trees, as well as wheat. It also has a cave filled with sulfur and coal, which are excellent for leveling up chemistry.

The only downside is that there's a spawnpoint on the island. To combat this, you can settle on the cliffs, where no one spawns, and wall it off.  There's enough room for a tribe of 2-4 people on the island, but not enough space for more. You should also be careful when in the mines, and never jump in the deep pool of water above the waterfall. Chemistry is a good industry here, as long as you farm flax and herbs. It's also easy to mass-produce pies.

Pros and Cons


  • Plentiful food and water
  • Has wheat
  • Plenty of wood
  • Water
  • Contains onions


  • Spawning point
  • Not a lot of building space
  • No source of iron
  • Has a pool of water which is hard to get out once you get in