Poison is a beverage in Survival 303.


Poison is a powerful item in Survival 303, as it can almost instantly kill any player, ignoring any armour they may have. Eating poisoned food will only give the player that has been poisoned a few seconds to react before their health instantly drops to 0.

Poison can only be used against enemy players, and is not utilized in any crafting recipes. You can poison ANY item that can be consumed. To do this, place the item you wish to poison on the ground, then, open your inventory, click on the poison, then click on the food that is on the ground, this will poison all the portions of the food.

Poisoned food is entirely indistinguishable from non-poisoned food, and that is what maked poison so feared. Giving a Tribe food laced with poison will make them paranoid, thinking all of their food may be poisoned. If you are sneaky enough, you can sneak into a Tribe's base and lace all of their food with poison. But for this exact reason you should be careful with it too, as you could accidentally eat food you have laced with poison.

If you are ever given food as a gift from a sketchy player or an enemy tribe, you should always be careful with it, as it is extremely likely that it is poisoned. If you want to be risky and consume the food, make sure you have a herbal remedy placed on the ground close to you. If you are poisoned, your screen will turn red, and you will then have a few seconds to take the herbal remedy, which will cure the poisoning.

Mushrooms have an identical effect to poison. Eating a mushroom will poison you and you will then shortly perish. Players that now the game atleast a little bit will know mushrooms are poisonous, but you may be able to convince a new player that mushrooms will not poison you.


  • In the Old Survival 303, Poison used to be much harder to craft, due to mushrooms spawns being hidden and not many players wanting to reveal them, and also due to the Poison recipe being forbidden to post or share.
  • An old running joke in the Survival 303 community is giving a poisoned herbal remedy to a player. While herbal remedies do cure poisoning, the herbal remedy will act before the poison takes effect, and thus the player will die.

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