A common pond
Portions Varies depending on size
Stats Gained Per Portion 0/5/-1
Islands Found On Bento Island, Mainland, Spring Island, Teraphyx Island, Canyon Island, Snowpeak Island, Crescent Island, Cenote Island, Rockshard Isle
Method of Obtaining Through a water container or through the consume tool
Uses Keeping thirst up

A Pond is a water source in Survival 303.


A pond is a natural water source that is commonly found all around Survival 303. When you drink from a pond with the eat/drink tool, you gain five thirst poins and lose one health point due to the water being "unpurified". However, if you click the pond with a bucket, then drink from that, you gain ten thirst points and lose no health. At least one pond is found on Bento island, Mainland, Spring island, Goldrock island, Teraphyx island, and Canyon island. Islands with ponds and food sources are usually good places for new players hoping to find an easy place to settle.