Rockma Hide
Rockma Hide
Rockma hide

Islands Found on

Old Map: Rockma island
New Map: Overhang bay

Method of Obtaining

Kill a Rockma


Can be crafted into Boulders or Reinforced Armor

Rockma Hide is an item in Survival 303.


Rockma hide is a somewhat useful item that is dropped from rockma when they are killed. The hide is used in a few crafting recipes; boulders and reinforced armor.
It has the welded texture that a knife makes on wood, which means it can stick to things. The two best tactics for killing the Rockma are to drown them, but pick it up fast before you drown too, or to use a spear to attack them from out of their attack range. If you're fighting rockma to get their hide, be cautious, as they can, and will, kill you if attacked.