Rockma Island is a large, stone-based island in Survival 303.


Rockma Island is one of the largest islands in the game. It is located beside Canyon Island. There is no natural food growing on Rockma, and very little vegetation. The only things that the stone-based island has is dead bushes. There is also another smaller island that has six bare trees and four bare bushes, but this island is also a spawn point. There is also a stone "bridge" that connects the main part of the island to another smaller stone-based part. The smaller part has gold and iron veins on it.

Rockma is known mostly for the animals it has, Rockma, which drop Rockma Hide, a valuable item for making strong Armor.

The island also has three natural ores; iron, gold, and coal. There is a large cave with a waterfall and a large amount of iron veins. There are also iron veins at the end of the stone bridge, close to the shore. The gold veins are located close to the stone bridge. Coal is located on the higher levels of the rocks.

Survival Tips

Rockma Island is a good place for smaller tribes to live. However, it has a spawn point, and it is visited often because of the abundance of ores. There is also no natural food source. Luckily, Paradise is only a short sail away if you need to grab more food. There is a waterfall, but a bucket is required to drink out of it.

Pros and Cons


  • An abundance of minerals, such as stones, iron, coal and gold.
  • Has a water source.
  • It's very rarely housing a tribe - this makes raiders a rare occurrence.
  • Houses the Rockma - Rockma Island's exclusive animal.


  • Little vegetation makes farms necessary shall one want to settle permanently here.
  • Often visited by players seeking ores or Rockma.
  • Spawn point on the island makes unwanted visitors a common occurrence.
  • Its size makes it extremely hard to defend by a tribe.