A Small Stone is an item in Survival 303.


Small stones are a naturally occuring resource that spawns throughout the world on virtually every island in clusters of four with the exception of those such as the Desert and Teraphyx islands.

They do not require tools to mine other than when they are incorporated in an ore vein, thus requiring a pickaxe of enough strength to mine the ore itself to retrieve. Optionally, small stones can be produced, though inefficiently, from a single boulder. In most situations, especially early game, it is best to refrain from converting boulders as they are necessary in the construction of important buildings such as the forge and lumbermill. Small stones are therefore the entryway to the iron age, since they can be knapped together to form cut stones for use in crafting stone tooling necessary to extract iron ore.


  • Boulders were once able to be crafted from two small stones, dramatically increasing the rate at which a new player could construct medieval buildings. With that ability removed, quarries are sought after more heavily.

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