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Survival 303 is a game on Roblox created by The 303 Dev Team. You start on one of three islands, with a total of twenty-two islands to survive, forage, and hunt on.

The major goal of the game is to survive for as long as possible, but it isn't that simple, as other players will try to take your food and resources, burn your home, conquer your island, and kill you, and to survive you will need to craft tools, weapons, and settle tribes.

A tribe may help you survive raider groups, but be warned; food, water, and resources deplete more quickly with a large tribe than with a lone survivor or two, but organized tribes with individual jobs per member could survive for a very long time.

Good luck surviving.

To see the official rules of Survival 303 please click the link here

Recent Game Updates

——— Version v2.9.7.0 BL ———

  • New production system! The mill, lumbermill, quarry, [secret], and compost shed all use this new system. It's more dynamic; certain buildings act like storage containers where you put in ingredients. The buildings work on the ingredients to produce results! It's all mostly the same recipes, but more description is found in the production buildings' recipe descriptions.
  • BEEEEES. Make wax and honey!
  • You can now hold shift to transfer all items of the given type to/from a container!
  • Two new spawn islands! Also say goodbye to old flax. Or don't. You probably hated it anyways.
  • Candles! They can be dyed! Their color changes when dyed!
  • We got a new Quarry model, and the quarry has been made more expensive.
  • Underwater noises have been enhanced, and now play whenever your camera goes underwater.
  • World-based guis like nametags, building health, and storage/production buttons, have all been improved. They now scale properly, and are hidden by other parts.
  • Inventory limit made more strict when harvesting with tools or retooling.
  • Port time spent open after the button click has been increased.
  • Inflammable buildings should hopefully no longer be able to have fire spread to them.
  • And more fixes
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