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In Survival 303 there are a number of vehicles that can be ridden for passage over land or sea, altogether there is number of 8 "legitimate" vehicles - 6 of which are boats and 2 land vehicles. Select create tool to create all of these vehicles in the crafting menu.



Hull Small Tree Stump x2
Large Hull Hull x2
Sail Hemp x2

Boat Recipes

Raft Hull
Large Raft Large Hull
Sailboat Hull + Small Tree Stump + Sail
Large Sailboat Hull x2 + Small Tree Stump + Sail
Catamaran Hull + Hull + Plank + Small Tree Stump + Sail
Merchant Frigate Large Hull +Large Hull + Large Tree Stump + Large Tree Stump + Large Tree Stump + Sail + Sail
War Sloop Large Hull + Hull + Small Tree Stump + Small Tree Stump + Small Tree Stump + Sail + Sail + Sail
Super Boat N/A, admin item


A simple Raft. Slow moving, but gets you from island to island without swimming. Seats one, more seats can be added to transport multiple people. It's value is near to worthless.

Large Raft

A big version of the standard raft. Even slower than the normal one, but bigger. Seats one person, but this Large Raft can have more seats added onto it.

Sail Boat

A nice ol' Sail Boat. Fast and agile. Not intimidating. You might worry about this getting stolen on, say, Bento island.

Large Sail Boat

The awesome looking viking-like ship. Has many seats, but is very likely of getting stolen. Keep in a harbor or have a guard keeping an eye on it.


Fastest boat, and multi-hulled ship. Perfect for fast travel.

Merchant Frigate

A Merchant Frigate has two huge sails, lots of deck space, seats, and has two deck levels. This is great for traders because it can store items on its lower deck and if its stolen its easy to find again because of its size. This is also the biggest known boat you can get in Survival 303.

War Sloop

The War Sloop is like an upgraded version of the Merchant Frigate, It moves roughly twice as fast and requires less materials to make, though the skill requirement is higher. It is slightly smaller than the Frigate and its prow is more rounded

Super Boat

Admin only boat which has the speed of your character, so for normal players 16

Land Vehicles

Land Vehicle Recipies

Cart Plank x3 + Wooden Seat
Catapult Plank x3 + Small Tree Stump + Wooden Seat


A standard Cart. Moves faster than walking speed, but cannot go up hills or terrain differences of any sort, making use limited to islands such as mainland or plateau, where fast land-vehicles work better.


Catapult is a siege engine that can propel objects over long distances. If fireproofed, can shoot burning objects. Press green button to fire.

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