Essential to baking and stone buildings
Islands Found On Spring, Teraphyx, Paradise, Snowpeak, Mainland
Method of Obtaining Foraging or farming
Uses Making flour, crafting thatching and nests

Wheat is a natural resource in Survival 303.


Wheat has a golden color and consists of a long stalk with a larger head. It is found on the shore of Spring Island, the cliffs of Paradise and Teraphyx Island, and in the valley of Snowpeak Island.

Wheat is the only crop that cannot be consumed without being processed. In order to make it edible, the player must first craft four pieces into a wheat bundle, then craft that into flour by accessing a mill. This allows the player to create various baked goods like breads, pies, and cakes. Four wheat can also be crafted into one thatching, which is essential for constructing most stone buildings. If it is crafted into a wheat seed, it can be planted in a large compost or cooked into seed mush. Overall, it is a very versatile crop necessary to "complete" the game.